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Nowadays many people want to be fit and healthy, so they look for information about food and drinks on the internet. They can find there many contrasting opinions on the same products.

Not long ago doctors said that coffee was dangerous for our health. But new studies say it is good for us if we do not drink too much of it. That is because people react to coffee in different ways. Some tolerate it very well and can drink many cups. Others have unwanted side effects such as problems with sleep after drinking just one cup. At first scientists thought it was connected with people’s age. Then they studied the difference in reaction to coffee in men and women. But the latest experiments show that how we tolerate coffee depends on our genes.

Some webpages say eating red meat will stop your heart, give you cancer, and shorten your life. Sounds scary, but it is not true. Red meat is full of proteins and micronutrients. It gives you a lot of energy and does not make you feel hungry for many hours. To be healthy red meat should have no fat and be cooked in low temperatures for a long time. And most important of all, people should eat it only three times a week.

Chocolate has much cocoa, which is a good source of healthy chemical elements such as iron, magnesium and zinc. So, it may be very useful for our bodies. Chocolate is great after intensive physical exercise or mental work because it gives energy, helps to concentrate and makes us feel good. But it also has a lot of sugar and fat which could be dangerous. Scientists have recently discovered that chocolate can help to stop headaches or migraines. All we have to do is eat it as soon as the problem starts.

We think that juices we buy in shops are healthy because they are made of fruit and vegetables. They look, smell and taste nice. But experts say their quality is often low. That is because producers put more water and sugar into readymade juices than fruit or vegetables. So, instead of drinking them, specialists advise people to eat more fresh fruit and raw vegetable salads.
1. The latest experiments show that people’s tolerance to coffee depends on …
2. It is most important that people …
3. Scientists have recently discovered that chocolate …
4. Specialists advise people to …
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London Metropolitan Police are looking for the 19-year-old university student Josh Williams. Josh phoned his parents to tell them he’d passed his last exam with a very good mark on June 23rd, 2018. The student promised to come back home to Canterbury in two days. But he never did. Williams was last seen in front of the sports centre in Bridge Street on June 24th at 20:00 while he was leaving it with some friends. When Josh didn’t arrive home on June 25th, as it had been planned, his family started looking for him. His parents reported him missing at the police station the same day at night.

Williams is 178 cm tall and of medium build. He has short, dark blond, curly hair and grey eyes. Josh was dressed in a green T-shirt, dark blue jeans and black trainers. He had a backpack with his wallet, iPhone, sports clothes and a tennis racket. During the search a police dog found a piece of the student’s sports equipment in the bushes near the sports centre.

The police are continuing intensive search for Josh Williams but they haven’t found him yet. His parents hope that he did not get hurt and that he is still with his friends. They think Josh went to a party to his friend’s house and got too drunk to call them. But the police detectives are almost sure that he was kidnapped. Mr and Mrs Williams, who have a big business in Canterbury, can pay a lot of money for their son.

If you know anything about the missing person, please contact the police immediately.
5. The police got information about the missing student on …
6. Near the sports centre the police found …
7. The police think that Josh Williams …
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In today’s rescue operation, John Strong, a famous racing driver was saved by a crew from the Air Rescue Service. Strong was found on a hill and taken to hospital. The police say that Strong disappeared a week ago. He was pulled into a car by two strange men and kept somewhere for a week. The police have stopped the kidnappers, but their names are still kept secret. When found, Strong was beaten and had deep cuts on his body. He had an operation and now his life is not in danger.
Last Saturday the police came to a house in Raglan Street. Surprisingly, nobody had tried to break into it. The police were just called to end an unfortunate party. Tom Sander, a 16-year-old boy decided to celebrate his birthday when his parents went on holiday. He sent the information to his friends via the Internet, but, unfortunately, his invitation became public. When about 100 people arrived, Tom realized he was in trouble. Some of the people seemed dangerous. Tom was afraid they might start beating other guests or damage his house. He rang the police for help. When the policemen came, they arrested no one but told all the people to leave the house.
In 2008 I read a lot of articles about a clever thief from California. He entered the bank, terrorized the cashiers with a gun and stole a million dollars. The journalists praised the police officers who chased and finally caught him. So, when last year I saw posters in the cinema, I decided to see how the director showed that real robbery. It was quite exciting. Although some of the scenes were poorly made, I liked the acting and the plot. Also, the special effects were fantastic.
It happened on an Air France plane flying over Africa. A box making some strange noises was found by one of the passengers. He thought that it might explode. Immediately he informed the crew about it. The pilot decided to make an emergency landing in Kenya. Luckily there was no danger. It was just a toy. A 17-year-old had left it in the toilet during the flight. When a Kenyan policeman questioned him, he said he’d done it for fun. But the crew and the passengers did not laugh. They were really scared because of what the boy had done.
United Airlines is in trouble. It treated a passenger badly. A flight attendant pulled a 69- year-old man, Dr Dao, from his seat. They told him to get off because his seat was needed for an important person. Dr Dao protested but the attendant hit him and pulled him out of the plane. The passenger’s head was covered in blood. His injuries were so serious that he almost died. But an immediate operation in hospital helped him get better. The police investigated the incident, and two days later the attendant who’d attacked Dr Dao was arrested.
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Welcome to Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castles!

Opening hours:
28 March to 15 October: 9 am-6 pm 16
October to 27 March: 10 am-4 pm
Open daily except: 24 /25 /31 December and 1 January

The rooms at the castle can only be visited as part of a guided tour.
No smoking, photographing or filming is allowed in the castle.
Animals are not permitted in the castle.
Closure of the Marienbrücke:
At the moment the Marienbrücke, the bridge over the Pollät gorge, is closed to visitors due to major renovation work. The work will continue until end of May 2019. The way to the castle and the guided tours are not affected.
Admission charges 2018
Neuschwanstein Castle - €12 regular, €11 reduced
Hohenschwangau Castle - €12 regular, €11 reduced
King's ticket for both Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle on the same day: €23 regular / €21 reduced
13. In winter you can visit the castles every day after 9
14. You can visit the castle rooms only with a tour
15. There is renovation inside the castle
16. You can visit two castles on one day
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Ed Stafford from the UK is the first person to walk the length of the Amazon River. He started by a small stream in the Andes mountains of Peru and arrived at the river’s mouth in Brazil, two years and four months later. Snakes, crocodiles and jaguars live in the Amazon rainforest, so it’s a dangerous place. Luckily, Ed did not meet the big animals, but he was bitten by ants and mosquitoes every day. On his trip, Ed had to find food each morning. Sometimes the fruit, nuts and fish he ate were hard to find and Ed often felt weak and hungry.

Technology was important for Ed. He used a radio to ask local people for food and permission to enter their land. Many of them came to meet him and walk him through the dense rainforest. When he walked, Ed wrote a blog about his daily experiences. Ed used his walk to let the world know about climate change and collect money for environmental charities in Brazil and Peru.
17. It took Ed Stafford twenty eight months to finish his journey
18. Ed Stafford saw big, dangerous animals on his journey
19. Local people helped Ed Stafford on his journey
20. Ed Stafford earned a lot of money for himself on his walk